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 ...The show's inventive, colorful costumes were a hit with Thursday's audience, who clapped and shouted their approval of a spinning disco light, as well as the bugs' sassy choreography and energetic renditions of hip-hop-inspired songs.  

Diary of a Worm, Spider, and Fly By Ellen Fagg Weist

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The costume that Erin Carignan chose for Kibbie included a comforting cardigan, and it was just right in the way it stood out amongst the uniforms and suits. 

9 Circles Posted by Amber Peck

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Thank goodness for a talented cast. Three female leads presented filled-out characters who were likeable and entertaining. And I noted that costume designer Erin Cargnan matched apparel to each of their personalities. Mary (played by Anne Tolpegin) was the level-headed one wit

Cast of Women in Jeopardy!

h a motherly drive to protect her friends. Rosalyn Colman’s Jo brightened up the show with her intensity and humor. (“Women don’t kill strangers,” she says, “they kill husbands.”) At times Jo feels a little like Mary’s whacky sidekick.

Women In Jeopardy by Amber Peck

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Costume designer Erin Carignan rounded out the design team with some fun fashions for the women that reminded me a bit of Mad Men and Bye Bye, Birdie.

Smokey Joes Cafe by Rachel Helwig

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