Erin is an Assistant Professor of Costume Design at Colorado State University. She also is a freelance costume designer, crafts artisan, and painter-dyer. Her work centers around her most passionate subjects: costume and textile design, costume history, and environmental sustainability. She is most interested in where these subjects intersect in theatrical artistry and technical application. Her work aims to expand our theoretical understanding of costume and textile design and manipulation through a decidedly interdisciplinary research approach and offer applied tools to help inform a new generation of designers and artisans. She is currently writing a book about painting and dyeing for the entertainment industry (Focal press 2022); her research also focuses on keeping costume technology as “healthy” as possible by exploring technology that is mostly water-based or low toxicity. 

Erin was recently published in the book Theatre Artisans and Their Craft: In Distilling An Art, She Created A Legacy, A chapter about Deborah Dryden.